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A funnyoke is a pun made of funny and karaoke and is the antidote to the typical, often boring wedding video and is produced in the form of a music video clip. Especially for weddings, these videos are also known as Lip-sync, Lipdub or Weddyoke. A Funnyoke can also be used for bachelor parties or birthday parties.

Contrary to a "real" lipdub, which is mostly filmed in one pass without video editing, a funnyoke consists of several scenes cut together. This is the only way to better depict the whole day and the organizational effort is more manageable.

Many people ask themselves - and rightly so - whether they should take so much money into their hands for a few minutes of video and whether this investment will pay off in the end.

Honestly? You have to decide for yourself.

I can only say so much that my wife and I don't want to miss our own "Funnyoke". We are very happy that we have decided to do so! We have seen our "Funnyoke" much more often than our wedding photos. You can find more information in my blog: Our wedding - Our cool and funny wedding music video (german only).

The wedding cake is quickly eaten, the pigeons have flown away and the fireworks are gone. And what really remains of this day - except for your partner and the ring on your finger - are the great memories. And those memories are in your Funnyoke forever. It's digital, you can copy it without quality loss, it will never fade. On the contrary.

Such a funnyoke is unique, a one-of-a-kind, a music video, a small movie with you in the leading role and it brings back all memories again and again 1:1, as if you were back live at your wedding. Your guests will also watch it again and again, because it's just funny and you always feel like you're back in the day.

Ok, I have to say it - but I'm absolutely convinced: Yes, the investment is worthwhile!

You're wondering if you need to take care of anything? About the texts, accessories, equipment?

No, you don't have to. All you have to do is do it:

- give me the date of the wedding
- tell me the desired Funnyoke song
- fill in my small questionnaire with all other important information
- make a deposit (1/3 of the total amount) if you wish to make a binding booking.

I'll take care of the rest. The organization for the celebration is not relevant to you as a bridal couple.

What you can do, however, is to inform your best man or another person of your trust about the Funnyoke, who can help me with any questions you may have on your big day.

The bridal couple shouldn't miss out on the funnyoke and should also like to be seen in different places, so it makes sense to change the location 2-3 times and then "sing"different sequences there. This usually takes no more than 10-15 minutes.

Throughout the day you will surely find yourself in one or two situations where you can be seen on the video. This can be later during the party, when all guests are on the dance floor and the band or the DJ plays the appropriate piece of music again, or during the wedding dance or when presenting the wedding cake.

As a bridal couple, one should expect a maximum "harassment duration" of 15-20 minutes over the entire day.

Of course, absolutely! It's supposed to be "your Funnyoke", so you're welcome to write the script. The more personal the Funnyoke gets in the end.

For example, if you have a certain motto or any preferences or hobbies that should definitely be taken into account, you can communicate this in advance and together we will then consider whether and how to implement it.

But also on the day of the celebration you or your guests can come around the corner with funny and spontaneous ideas and we try to realize it. From the small dance performance, choreographies and costumes to some cool locations you should definitely see, everything that is fun is allowed.

Please let me know your desired song for the Funnyoke at least 2 weeks before the wedding date.

Some preparations have to be made beforehand, the song has to be purchased (possibly in other versions), the song has to be copied to the smartphone/tablet/amplifier, the song text has to be divided into sequences and printed out, etc.

A decision within 2 weeks before the wedding is therefore usually no longer possible, as the organizational effort in advance is otherwise not manageable.

But I'm sure you'll decide soon enough on "your song".

No, nobody has to memorize the complete lyrics of the song beforehand!

Knowing the song is of course no disadvantage, because if you know the lyrics, you can "sing" it into the camera later on.

You have to inform your guests about the Funnyoke before the wedding anyway and there you can send the lyrics directly, so that they have at least seen it before.

I always record only single sentences or small passages of text with you and the guests at the celebration, which you can read through and usually remember well. The corresponding scene is then repeated several times until everything looks as lip-synchronous as possible.

For german texts this shouldn't be a problem for most people, for difficult texts in other languages it's also ok if the grandmother or uncle just moves his lips or just sings a little word into the camera or says. Songs with english lyrics are no problem at all.

In the end, it will look like that you've actually sung lyrically from the top of your chest!

This well-meant surprise will usually be a negative surprise. For all!

The problem is that no one can find out beforehand what a Funnyoke actually is and on the day of the event would be completely surprised and overwhelmed with it.

In such a case, I would have to go from table to table like a missionary and explain to everyone what I am actually doing and why one should please participate. And that would be wasted time and far too expensive.

It is much easier if everyone knows that on this day such a Funnyoke is being shot and already knows what it is. Many people also use the info to think about funny ideas in advance, which you might not have come up with spontaneously that night.

So, no, please don't surprise anyone, but at least 1-2 weeks before the wedding you have to communicate your plans to all guests!

I will send you a leaflet with a nice text, which you can use as an information sheet for your guests.

This impression might be created when you see such a finished Funnyoke. As if nothing else had been done all day and evening than this piece of music. Basically this is true, but the bridal couple and most of the guests don't get anything out of it, because only single persons or small groups of 2-6 people are picked out by me, and then mostly a little bit offside to shoot a small scene.

Often it is only sequences of a few seconds, short sentences that are sung in. Depending on your "talent" you usually don't need 5 minutes per recording, after that the guests can dedicate themselves to the party. Sometimes it is even the guests themselves who want to present themselves more often in front of the camera. Of course I am very grateful for every kind of participation, because that is the only way to achieve a nice result.

To put it briefly: No, the filming will not disturb the celebration. I am present and will be noticed, of course. But I will always behave discreetly and unobtrusively.

Do you have doubts that the song will be heard constantly during the recording and that this could disturb other situations at the party?

Of course, I always coordinate the situations in which the music could be heard a little louder with the bride and groom or the best man.

For example, if there are scenes in which really big groups or even the whole society will be shown, then the music has to be played a little louder, because otherwise it will be difficult for everyone to sing along synchronously. But such recordings are rather the exception. The positive side-effect of such recordings with loud music: the mood increases!

Basically, I try to work on the scenes quietly and discreetly or even completely without any music. Most of the recordings are made with single persons and a little bit apart, which doesn't disturb the rest of the party.

"No, I can't sing" - "No, I'm shy, I'm not showing myself in front of a camera" - "No, it's all too embarrassing for me" - "Just leave me alone with the rubbish."

It happens on every wedding that a few people don't want to have anything to do with the whole thing.

Of course, these guests will not be harassed or harassed by me. Often it also helps if you leave them alone for a while and let them see for themselves how it all works out in the course of the evening. Then they see how harmless everything is and how much fun it is. It's not television in front of a large audience, but a funny video among friends. Suddenly it's "What they can do, I can do for a long time" - and at some point they let themselves be dragged along by those who are quite relaxed and full of euphoria.

Even the slightly dry characters, who don't want to "sing" partut, wave into the camera at least sometimes mischievously, which in the end is completely ok. It doesn't matter which bigger or smaller role someone plays - it's just nice to see them in the video at the end.

Well, don't worry. Even if you're a married couple and you think,"We think it's really cool, but, oh dear, you don't know our relatives, it's never gonna work with them." Let yourselves be surprised how many of you will end up participating in the exuberance of this day.

Yeah, you can do that.

Depending on which package you choose, either 3-4 minutes are available for the pure music (basic version) or 7-8 minutes for the extended version. The extended version also features scenes such as getting ready, first sight, a part of the wedding ceremony, wedding dance, wedding cake, games during the celebration, etc.

A typical Funnyoke contains about 60-80 scenes, and if you compare this with the number of photos in a wedding album, you can imagine that with the 60-80 scenes you can catch a lot of different situations all over the day.

A Funnyoke is able to show the course of the day. For more unforgettable moments, I recommend the extended Version.

No, I don't need a complete list.

But if you want to see some very important people in the Funnyoke, you have to give this information on my questionnaire beforehand.

So that I can find these guests at the celebration, I should be informed again on site, for example by the best man.

It makes sense to have a complete guest list or at least a list of all the people who took part in the Funnyoke, for the video's credits, in order to thank everyone for their participation.

As a rule, I try to go to the material check and cut relatively quickly, because I am always very curious about what has come out of it and it works best when the mood of the celebration is still a little upbeat.

However, the work on the editing computer is quite time-consuming and it can take a few days until you have all the scenes in the places where you would like them to be. Then I sleep over it again and correct the last mistakes and after 2-3 weeks you can watch your wedding funnyoke.

Preferably you will get the finished video as an MP4 file (h. 264) in the best possible quality, either as a download or burned on a DVD or Bluray. All modern computers and DVD players should be able to play this without any problems. If not, just let me know and I will adjust the format accordingly.

I can gladly provide you with other versions, for example as a small mobile version for the smartphone to send in WhatsApp or similar.

The video is produced according to the highest demands on my part, it is basically a matter of artistic freedom of design. However, it can happen that small changes are desired, yes.

Two to three small changes are ok, but please don't create a long list of changes. This would considerably increase the effort and I would have to charge additional costs. The amount of time it takes to completely crop a video is simply enormously high.

Of course, we can talk about everything else at any time. I am confident that you will enjoy the video.

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