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Funnyoke - How does it work?

Let's say you're sitting in front of this page with your partner as a future bride and groom and want to know how you can have such a cool wedding video in the form of a Funnyoke (Lip-sync, similar to a Lipdub, Weddyoke) for your wedding. Then you'll probably feel like we did at our own wedding.

In order to save you from a tedious research, here are the most important facts about the process at a glance:

  1. You inform yourselves first of all completely calmly here on my web page to the topic Funnyoke and take up then gladly at any time contact me, describe to me briefly your concern and I contact you as soon as possible.

  2. I will usually answer you within 24 hours and together we will discuss how to introduce your Funnyoke and which song you would like to use for it. It is important that the couple can identify with the song. It can be the personal introductory song, the current No. 1 of the charts or something from the 70s/80s. The choice is yours. It should be a catchy song that everyone can sing along easily.

  3. We go through all open questions together and clarify the formalities. If you want to make a binding booking, you will have to pay a small deposit and the date is reserved for you.

  4. On the day of your wedding, I'll come by your house. As previously agreed, either already at the Getting Ready (dressing) or first for the wedding ceremony and wedding celebration. I bring the camera equipment, maybe some accessories and of course the original song. At the Getting Ready we record some scenes together for the video.

  5. If you would like me to film scenes of the wedding ceremony, I will also capture the most beautiful moments for you in the church, the chapel or the registry office. Here, of course, discreetly in the background without anyone having to "sing".

  6. If the situation arises after the wedding ceremony, for example after the champagne reception, I will start to shoot scenes for the Funnyoke with the first guests. Since you informed all guests about the Funnyoke (a must have!), everyone should know who the guy with the camera is and what he is doing. I will now ask individual guests whether they would like to take part and I hope for a lively participation.

  7. Don't worry, there is no need to rehearse a dance, the lyrics don't have to be sung out loud. The individual verses and lines of text are filmed separately and the "choreography" is best created spontaneously.

  8. During the course of the day and the evening, many scenes will be created for the video. However, as a bridal couple and most of the guests, you won't notice as much as you might suspect. Shooting should always take place in parallel to the party, so that no extra time has to be reserved and the process is interrupted as little as possible.

  9. After the agreed upon time I will say goodbye and go to the well-deserved end of work, while hopefully you will let it crash for a long time to come!

  10. During the next 2-3 weeks after the wedding you will hear from me again, when I will present you your finished Funnyoke and everyone can enjoy a funny music video!

You think it's cool, but you're not sure yet and still have some concerns? Then have a look at the Funnyoke - FAQ. Here are further answers to frequently asked questions.

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